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reichi 00:07 WebSockets do allow cross domain connections
but usually the browsers don't :)
afaik it's mostly the same as it is with ajax requests
but i could be wrong there ;)
Micheal 02:07 Hi, just wondering if it is possible to build a plugin that can access usb storage?
morteh_ 04:07 I'm still having problems adding my own resource to a firebreath project ;/
I've got it in vs2010, firebreathWin.rc and my own .rc and they both have a copy of the resource i want
but when i compile they aint there ;F
dougma 05:07 morteh_: using visual studio, can you see the .rc files in the plugin project?
morteh_ 06:07 i managed to get it working
turned out dropbox wasnt syncing new versions for me to test
school boy error, wonder how much time i wasted on that :(
fengyushx 08:07 hi i want to know how to import external dynamic library. like libz.dylib in xcode
i know how to import framework like cocoa.framework in firebreath, but when i tried the same way in dynamic library. it gave me error.
here are the step i did in projectDef.cmake : 1. find_library(libz_FRAMEWORK libz) 2. target_link_library(${PROJECT_NAME} $(libz.dylib)) 3. find_library(libz_FRAMEWORK libz) tartget_link_libraries(..) $(libz.dylib))
taxilian 08:07 fengyushx: a framework and a library are not the same thing, so putting _FRAMEWORK in the name doesn't make any sense
but the real issue is probably that the library you want to link isn't in your normal search paths, so you need to give cmake a better idea of where to find it
fengyushx 08:07 so the problem is the path
taxilian 08:07 look at the docs for
that's my guess
fengyushx 08:07 ok, thanks !!
morteh_ 08:07 is there any firebreath functionality to clear the browsers dns cache?
taxilian 08:07 you can debug it by doing a message("Library find returned: ${LIBZ_LIBRARY}") (where LIBZ_LIBRARY is the variable you told find_library to store it in)
there is no npapi functionality to do so
so no, firebreath can't do that for you
morteh_ 08:07 dang
taxilian 08:07 in point of fact, I don't know if there is any way to do it; maybe you can clear the system's dns cache using system apis, but that is probably something that requires admin rights is my guess. if not, then maybe it'd work
morteh_ 08:07 hmm
think chrome has lots of funky internal dns stuff as well
mfig 09:07 Hi folks. I'm having trouble running prepmake outside my source tree. I do "firebreath/ fbprojects fbbuild", but fbbuild is an empty directory, and the cmake command prints "Build files have been written to: /home/michael/firebreath". What should I do?
taxilian 09:07 clean your firebreath directory and try again
my guess is cmake is finding its files from a previous run there and it's causing issues
mfig 09:07 Ahh, okay. That seemed to fix it.
BTW, I have some X11 patches for you. What's the best way for me to get them to you (I have git installed, but don't want to use github unless I really need to).
taxilian 09:07 github pull request is the best way if you actually want them pulled in in a reasonable timeframe
mfig 09:07 Okay, thanks... I'll see what I can do.
philou 09:07 Hi all
I've something strange : on OSX 10.7, I create a plugin and put it in the folder /Users/Me/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/
the plugin is seen by Firefox 19
but not by chrome 28
an idea ?
taxilian 10:07 did you build it 64 bit only?
philou 10:07 nope, in 32 bits
chrome need 64 bits ?
taxilian 10:07 chrome needs 32 bit
philou 11:07 and we just need to put the plugin in the folder ?
taxilian 11:07 the generated .plugin/ folder, yes
philou 11:07 ok, thanks
will try later
stef226 18:07 hello
anyone here?
to ask a very general question
dougma 18:07 Shoot
stef226 18:07 dougma, I have made a plugin for Linux, in C/C++ that downloads things from a server
the next step is to sync the client with server with the plugin
my huge issue, is that I dont know C/C++ and it took me 2 days just to make the download thing
so I am wondering how is possible to use a language as JS or Python or Ruby
because I see its not possible to right ruby directly in plugin, there is some trick I can connect NPAPI with a standalone program?
actually I am looking for docs
or if you aware of a similar library to firebreath that I can write the NPAPI in Python/JS/Ruby
taxilian 18:07 stef226: basically in order to use another language you'd need to know c++ well enough to embed that language in
and quite likely you'd end up creating a lot of security issues
I don't recommend it
just learn C++
stef226 18:07 taxilian, thank you, I was just hoping you had another solution, but I was almost certain you would come with this answer ;)
taxilian 18:07 I've thought about embedding v8 or something, but haven't had the time to look into it
stef226 18:07 taxilian, you are firebreath dev?
taxilian 18:07 yes