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rostig 02:07 Questing to those who have managed to embed mfc cdialogs inside FB:
What did you do with DllMain function in AutoPlugin project?
enzo 12:07 does firebreath or any of it's libraries support microphone input?
taxilian 12:07 no
you'd need to use system APIs for that
enzo 12:07 ok, thx Taxilian.
morteh_ 18:07 sup
taxilian 18:07 'evening
morteh_ 18:07 having problems trying to add my own kind of resource to a firebreath build, "firebreathWin.rc was not created using msvs2010. Comments, macros, preprocessor directives and conditionally included information may be modified and/or removed..."
makes a big mess :(
taxilian 18:07 yeah
it's not an easy problem to solve
and since I never use .rc files, I don't really have a suggestion
but some things to know:
1) you can copy any files from the gen_templates/ directory into your plugin directory and it will use those instead, so you don't ever have to modify the firebreath codebase
2) the file that is actually used is run through cmake to fill out the needed variables
so you might be able to modify the generated version, then compare them and copy the changes back into the template
morteh_ 18:07 hmm, thanks
dougma 19:07 you can have multiple .rc files in a project
morteh_ 19:07 ive managed to add it by modifying the gen/firebreathwin.rc
i think
dougma 19:07 just make sure cmake picks up your *.rc files too
morteh_ 19:07 im not too familiar with cmake, where would i add my rc file?
dougma 19:07 where you add your .cpp files
morteh_ 19:07 in visual studio
i think i tried that already and it didnt end up getting included
dougma 19:07 well no... the prep batch script calls cmake to generate the visual studio projects, so changes you make there are lost next time you run prep
morteh_ 19:07 i see
dougma 19:07 CMakeLists.txt
in your plugin project directory
or maybe Win/projectDef.cmake because .rc files are windows things
morteh_ 19:07 will need to look tommorow, getting too tired. thanks for your help :)
dougma 19:07 taxilian: probably we should add *.rc in here:
that's what I did... :)
taxilian 19:07 I'd accept that pull request, if someone were to make it =]