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nopasa 04:07 hello, is SimpleStreamHelper designed for text files only ? or is it possible to handle binary files too? I would like to GET or POST binary files and avoid proxy issues. SimpleStreamHelper seems to be a good candidate.
Thoys 07:07 morning
taxilian 08:07 nopasa: no reason SimpleStreamHelper wouldn't work for binary files that I know of
bor0: flash's wmode="transparent" just makes the plugin windowless
bor0 08:07 is it implemented in core of FB or should I add special handling for it in my plugin?
if I were to use it that is
Thoys 08:07 taxilian: do you have experience with PFX files?
taxilian 08:07 bor0: it's implemented by FireBreath, but you have to draw differently. which platform are you on?
Thoys 08:07 I made a PFX file for my self-signed root cert. Is this easy to autoinstall with wix?
bor0 08:07 Windows/Mac
taxilian 08:07 Thoys: yes and no. I don't know of a way to install a root CA automatically
Thoys 08:07 want to spare some money :P
taxilian 08:07 I'm not certain it isn't possible, but I don't know of a way to do it
why do you need to install the root CA?
Thoys 08:07 Well I made my CA cert, and then signed a smaller cert that I used for the driver with that
taxilian 08:07 ? so this is a cert that signs a device driver? or what?
Thoys 08:07 I figure if the plugin - target machines install the CA then its trusted by IE or am i wrong?
I want to get rid of those messages by IE that a plugin needs permissions
CA is like the Authority certificate
taxilian 08:07 I don't think that has anything to do with the CA
Thoys 08:07 it autorizes my smaller SPC
taxilian 08:07 so you're talking about a codesigning certificate
Thoys 08:07 yep
taxilian 08:07 yeah, not 100% sure, but I don't think that will work
at any rate, I have no idea how you'd do it
but if you figure it out, let me know how it goes =]
Thoys 08:07 i thought about use the iis component of WIX
wasnt sure if anyone did it before here
I will report back wether it works, and how
Thoys 08:07 btw taxilian , what if i edit the wix files, will they generate back to default when I change the cmake files?
taxilian 08:07 edit the .wxs file in your project directory, not the generated one
Thoys 08:07 in the /Win folder/
taxilian 08:07 that's the default location
Thoys 08:07 editing FixlogicPlugin/Win/WiX/FixlogicPluginInstaller.wxs