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dougma 00:07 Guest63153: have you seen
Guest63153 01:07 getWindowPosition () getWindowClipping () - return 0,0
jj_ 03:07 hey
Bor0 04:07 how can I accomplish something like flash's wmode="transparent" ?
Thoys 05:07 hi there
I've created a selfsigned certficate to go with my plugin, is it a good thing to auto install my own signed CA through the wix installer?
dougma 05:07 if i install what i think is your self-signed cert, how do i know it's what you intended to give me?
ie: the self-signed cert should be delivered by a secure channel.
but installing your plugin means I totally trust you... so what harm can another CA cert do when I've already given you the keys to the castle?
Thoys 06:07 yeh lol thanks dougma