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philou_ 08:07 hi all
anyone have a problem with Firefox 22 on mac?
my plugin don't load.
the same plugin work perfectly on Firefox 21 on mac, and on all versions on windows
someone have the same problem ? or some tips ?
Bor0 09:07 what is a good way to debug a plugin? my plugin crashes after StaticDeinitialize on internet explorer only, but when I try to debug I get into assembly and it crashes somewhere around ntdll.dll
taxilian 09:07 Bor0 you might want to try loaded the microsoft debugging symbols
that may give you a better feel for what is happening
philou_: firefox 22 on mac? downloading now...
Bor0 09:07 thanks I'll try that
philou_ 09:07 it's the new version ...
and I try with the beta 23, I have the same problem
taxilian 09:07 our plugin is working fine
did you build it 32 bit or 64 bit?
or oth?
philou_ 09:07 32
taxilian 09:07 hmm
I do not know :-/
philou_ 09:07 :'( do you think FB 1.6 is the problem ?
i don't have the latest release
taxilian 09:07 I doubt it; I haven't updated this plugin in awhile, so it's probably not on the latest 1.7 either
philou_ 09:07 ok. strange because i try with only the basic functions (echo, version, ...) (other was commented) and the plugin don't load too
taxilian 09:07 try FBTestPlugin
philou_ 09:07 I will do a basic plugin from scratch
taxilian 09:07 or that
but FBTestPlugin is known to work most anywhere, so it's a good test
philou_ 09:07 ok, I will try
thanks for your help
bor0 09:07 and what about when debug symbols don't help either? I get access violation crash at ntdll somewhere, I can only see disassembly
taxilian 09:07 step up the stack
bor0 09:07 it happens after DllCanUnloadNow() returns
taxilian 09:07 then I haven't a clue
bor0 09:07 the stack makes me think it's an infinite loop
taxilian 09:07 or possibly you've got a stack or heap corruption
are you using any third party libraries?
bor0 09:07 I am using FFmpeg
taxilian 09:07 as a DLL?
bor0 09:07 no, static link
STDAPI DllCanUnloadNow(void) is defined in FireBreathWin.cpp
taxilian 09:07 yes it is
bor0 09:07 I have a couple of other dynamic links as well... such as openssl, zlib,
taxilian 09:07 I dont' know, then; it sounds like it could be a case of memory corruption of some sort; usually that happens when you have more than one CRT in the mix and you free something from the wrong heap, but there are obviously other things that can do stuff like that
I really don't have any idea :-/
bor0 09:07 I see, okay, I'll try to dig more into this, thanks anyway
it's strange however why it only happens on IE
philou_ 10:07 Hi again
when i trx to compile the FBTestPlugin, i got this error : "Combine high resolution Artwork"
do you know why ?
taxilian 10:07 ?\
never heard of that error
philou_ 10:07 lol, I will go to bed and come back tomorow, bad day today ....
taxilian 11:07 which OS?
philou_ 11:07 10.7.5, xcode 4.6.2, FB 1.6
taxilian 11:07 hmm. and is there a reason you're not on 1.7?
I don't think that's the original problem, but there isn't any reason I know of not to upgrade
philou_ 11:07 the plugin is working well, and I've 3 env to upgrade and no time :/
But I will transfer on the 1.7 soon
taxilian 11:07 hmm. well, I wish you luck. I have no idea what is with the artwork error
philou_ 11:07 ok, don't worry, i will search
thanks, i will tell you when I find it
taxilian 11:07 good luck
jce 13:07 what version of boost are supported?
taxilian 13:07 it's tested wtih 1.5.0
jckwik 14:07 So I'm looking at passing a javascript function through to my firebreath API as a proof of concept for passing JSObjects through a <param> tag. Looking around the website the documentation implies that this is possible, but I haven't gotten it to work yet. I was able to pass through a string just fine with std::wstring paramlist = m_params["testing"].convert_cast<std::wstring>();
taxilian 14:07 you can't pass a function through params
what you can pass is a function name
and then query the global js context (the window object) to get that function
jckwik 14:07 so the FB::JSObjectPtr func = m_params["callback"].convert_cast<FB::JSObjectPtr>(); that is in the documentation here is incorrect?
taxilian 14:07 ? where in the docs does it say that?
jckwik 14:07
I could be completely understanding the last line wrong, though
taxilian 14:07 ahh, I forgot about that special case
good thing I documented it
so if you read the documentation more carefully, you'll see that it only works with params that start with "on"
so you could do a param called "oncallback" and it oculd be the name of a global js function
jckwik 14:07 so the param tag would be <param name="oncallback" value="oncallback" />, and the js function would also be named oncallback
taxilian 14:07 yes
jckwik 14:07 okay, then I'm still doing something wrong. I'll keep working at it and see if I can figure out what's up
taxilian 14:07 where are you trying to access it?
where in the lifecycle?
jckwik 14:07 onWindowAttached. Accessing a string from there worked, so I assumed that it would work for a function as well
taxilian 14:07 if one param is there, all are there
but there is no guarantee it'll be there all the time in all browsers
onPluginLoaded is the first place that's guaranteed
jckwik 14:07 so now I think I'm using InvokeAsync wrong, as I'm getting an assertion failed popup
taxilian 14:07 which assertion?
jckwik 14:07 BOOST_ASSERT(px != 0); in shared_ptr.hpp
taxilian 14:07 that generally means the object you're trying to call invokeasync on is null
jckwik 14:07 that would be because I can't type. Thank you for your help
taxilian 14:07 =]
good luck