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niftylettuce 09:06 taxilian_away: on the desktop im talking about contextmenu
taxilian_away: wavey linked me to this but i want to at least get a linux/chrome demo going
so desktop contextmenu via browser plugin
wavey 09:06 I don't think there is standard way to do it on linux :/
I had really big trouble to display a dialog message :P
I can't imagine a context menu
taxilian 09:06 niftylettuce: main thing to keep in mind is that that'll have nothing whatsoever to do with the plugin
niftylettuce 09:06 taxilian: i know, i just want to experiment and see if it's possible
taxilian 09:06 at least on windows, it's definitely possible
not sure on the other platforms
others do it, therefore it's possible =]
niftylettuce 09:06 i have zero experience with C++ etc
and all this .h and .cc files
can someone point me in the right direction, or a boilerplate project with firebreath that i could use?
taxilian 10:06 ... you'll have to learn some c++ before you'll even understand how ridiculous that question was
niftylettuce 12:06 hahah
taxilian 12:06 there is no boilerplate firebreath project that will help because your problem is unrelated to firebreath
Virgil 14:06 anyone know how to create a firebreath object in AngularJS?
i've been struggling to do so all day
my HTML looks like this:
<object id="pcscbridge" type="application/x-pcscbridge" width="0" height="0"> <param name="onload" value="bogus" /> </object>
my IDE reports this:
TypeError: Cannot read property 'nodeName' of undefined at nodeName_ (http://localhost:63342/Directives/app/components/angular/angular.js:480:60) at collectDirectives (http://localhost:63342/Directives/app/components/angular/angular.js:4045:34) at compileNodes (http://localhost:63342/Directives/app/components/angular/angular.js:3961:22) at compileNodes (http://localhost:63342/Directives/app/components/angular/ang
taxilian 14:06 Virgil: you don't
you create it using standard javascript
Virgil 15:06 thank you. i'm rather new to JavaScript so I'll search for how to do that. but if you have an example, that would help me a lot. thanks in advance
taxilian 15:06 Virgil there is a fb_installer.js file in the firebreath codebase
Virgil 15:06 ok. i'll take a loog at that. thanks again
niftylettuce 16:06 taxilian: okay so I've narrowed and simplified what I need to do. I need to load a file given a path and then do something with the blob/data
so basically plugin has full read access to filesytem
taxilian 16:06 well
niftylettuce 16:06 does Firebreath have JS API for that?
taxilian 16:06 not necessarily
plugin has the same access as the process running it
usually that means the same access as the user
niftylettuce 16:06 yeah thats fine, so a user's ~/ home dir or whatever, that's perfect
taxilian 16:06 but on windows vista and later w/ UAC enabled on IE you don't have write access to most of it
niftylettuce 16:06 i understand since PID is running as user
taxilian 16:06 okay
niftylettuce 16:06 i only need read
taxilian 16:06 what you want to do is, again, just standard C++ stuff
there are some tools with boost that might be helpful, particularly for finding files etc
but mainly you just want standard C++ I/O
niftylettuce 16:06 ill have the path already, looking it up etc is not issue
taxilian 16:06 firebreath gives you nothign for any of that except to help you find the user's home dir
then firebreath won't help you any, no help needed
niftylettuce 16:06 all i need is a function... function readFile(somePath, callback), whereas function callback(error, data)
since chrome by default can't read local filesystem, i have to do NPAPI plugin according to their docs
taxilian 16:06
niftylettuce 16:06 taxilian: how do i communicate to the plugin with JS?
taxilian: e.g. function sendDataToCPlusPlusFile(data, callback)
taxilian 16:06
niftylettuce 16:06 does an NPAPI plugin by default have access to local filesystem?
taxilian 16:06 an npapi plugin by default is just a npapi plugin
niftylettuce 16:06 how hard is it to get approved into chrome store too btw?
taxilian 16:06 it's just a c++ library that is loaded by the browser
nothing special about it, really
it has the same access to anything as the process it is loaded in
as to that I couldn't say