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diorcety 04:06 Hi
Hi notice a very strange issue with activex linked to optional arguments i think
on computer new plugin installation. i can init(which have 2 optional arguments) with one arguments on Firefox ... but fails with IE
i can reload my page anytimes i want ... not working
but if i run in the JS console of IE the init function with 0 arguments and with 1 arguments and after reload my page
now it works everytimes
nothing else is done
only enter init call in JS console
taxilian 10:06 diorcety: odd. I don't know how that could be possible
krishna_ 12:06 taxilian, what do you think of future of NPAPI plugin support in browsers? (
taxilian 12:06 I think this guys is somewhat disconnected from the rest of his company
and more than a bit delusional
about a month after that article was written mozilla tried to hire me to help expand npapi support
in many ways it would be nice it we could get rid of plugins, but we're a long ways from being able to do everything (or even most things) that are done with plugins without
krishna_ 12:06 ok
for me ... npapi is the only way to go ... good to know that end for npapi-plugins is not near
taxilian 13:06 in fairness, I probably shouldn't say he's delusional; I think he just doesn't understand the actual scope of what plugins are used for
krishna_ 13:06 ok
taxilian 13:06 one thing I will agree with — flash is in decline
it really should be declining faster than it is, though
krishna_ 13:06 agreed
i have made more improvements to do check out when you get time
taxilian 13:06 cool
krishna_ 13:06 will announce it on hacker news and see if people will like it
reichi 13:06 that nutty thing is really cool imo
especially as it is open source
which helps a lot in terms of trust