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frang 04:06 hi
fengyushx 10:06 I am very new in firebreath and mac development. I would like to know how to create a plugin to detect the USB drive on mac. I really have no idea where to start. Even not sure which language should I pick. Should I use C or C++?
taxilian 11:06 if you're using firebreath, do c++
fengyushx but for what you want to do you'll likely need to include some objective c++ as well
fengyushx 11:06 Thanks !!!
yecril 15:06 file Template.cpp has @@fn @{PLUGIN_ident}::StaticInitialize() preceding void @{PLUGIN_ident}::StaticDeinitialize()
yecril 15:06 Issue FIREBREATH-235 - documentation mismatch for StaticDeinitialize has been successfully created.