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diorcety 08:06 taxilian: Hi
taxilian 08:06 good morning
ahh, pull request
cshu 09:06 taxilian, hi, i tried to use . build "-D CMAKE_BUILD_TYPE=Release". but it didn't work. any clue? thanks!
taxilian 09:06 cshu: that's only for linux
on mac you just select the release configuration using xcode
cshu 09:06 taxilian, thanks, i will try.
cshu 09:06 taxilian, i make the release build. however, it crashed after after i load the plugin. the same debug build works fine. is there anything i missed? thx
taxilian 09:06 sounds likely there is something you missed, but without more information I don't know what it is
cshu 09:06 taxilian, ok, i will try to find out more info.
cshu 10:06 taxilian, do you have a minute?
taxilian 10:06 whats up?
cshu 10:06 about the crash. i enabled WAIT_FOR_DEBUGGER, and attach the process in xcode. it stopped at some assembly code with EXEC_BAD_ACCESS.
taxilian 10:06 what does the stack look like?
I don't know
cshu 10:06 thread 1 crPluginMain
taxilian 10:06 see if you can repro the issue with FBTestPlugin
cshu 10:06 no. testplugin works fine
taxilian 11:06 hmm
probably related to third party libraries you're linking in is my only guess
cshu 11:06 taxilian, does the plugin automatically continue once the debugger attaches?
taxilian 11:06 but how and how to fix it I do not know
it should, yes
cshu 11:06 taxilian, ok, thank you.
tonikitoo 11:06 hi there! it seems like when I return a wstring from the plugin to JS, it gets converted to utf8?
taxilian 11:06 that is correct
tonikitoo 11:06 taxilian, I am getting this when I return my wstring: "libc++abi.dylib: terminate called throwing an exception"
that console (on chromium mac).
I attached a xcode debugger and it stops by around these lines:
taxilian 11:06 there is a pull request on github that may fix that issue
just submitted this morning
try that, let me know if it fixes it
tonikitoo 11:06 (will paste here four lines, to be faster, sorry about that)
template <typename octet_iterator>
octet_iterator append(uint32_t cp, octet_iterator result)
if (!internal::is_code_point_valid(cp))
throw invalid_code_point(cp);
ah! will try it, then
tonikitoo 12:06 taxilian, so the pull request looks like to replace "invalid" characters, before converting. What is an "invalid char" in this context?
yecril 13:06 How is a plug-in registered for a media type supposed to get the data?
The examples bundled and the plug-in wizard create plug-ins that you can embed and that you can talk to from script.
They do not show how to handle actual content specified in the OBJECT tag, which is the primary purpose of having a plug-in in the first place.
taxilian 13:06 yecril there are a few options
and it depends on how you put dat in
data in
most people who use plugins control them wtih javascript
yecril 13:06 OBJECT/@DATA, if you please
taxilian 13:06 but you can use m_host->getDOMElement->getAttribute("data") I believ
bleh, getDOMElement() is a function call
yecril 13:06 Doesn't the browser provide the data to the plug-in spontaneously?
Like 'Hey you, here is your data'?
taxilian 13:06 in some cases, yes
however I'm not clear on which cases exactly, because I have never needed (or wanted) to use a plugin that way
and thus the support in firebreath for it is sketchy
it's called "unsolicited streams"
in the project
and Idon't think it works on IE
yecril 13:06 What about displaying a document of a foreign type in the browser?
taxilian 13:06 similar situation
unsolicited streams
very experimental support in firebreath
don't think it works on IE
almsot certain it doesn't
yecril 13:06 So it seems I have to look for another framework.
taxilian 13:06 or add support yourself
when you find it lacking
I dont'' believe there are any other frameworks, incidentally
unless JUCE supports it
or qt's web browser stuff
but I don't think either does
most of what you need is there
you just may need to improve some things to get support all the way
welcome to open source
_elliott 17:06 As a security measure, I'd like to whitelist domains for my plugin to function on. I can get the domain just fine, but how do I prevent the plugin from loading? Can I just call shutdown?
taxilian 18:06 _elliott you can't stop it from loading, but you can stop the jsapi object from doing anything
_elliott 18:06 Could I, in my JSAPI object constructor, decide to not register any methods based on the domain?
taxilian 18:06 see
_elliott 18:06 Thanks. Don't know how I missed that page!
If I want to get the whitelist from a file, I assume that blocking to do that in the createJSAPI function is a bad idea. Is that correct?
taxilian 18:06 it shouldn't matter for a simple file read
I would think that would be fast enough
I wouldn't try to make any network calls, though