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jshanab_OSX 13:01 I have a firebreath plugin I ported to mac and made a DMG installer. It worked on my development machine and another persosn development maching that had never seen firebreath before. But on 2 other Macs that have never seen development. It fails to start the plugin. Any ideas?
taxilian 13:01 have you added logging to see if anything happens?
does NP_Initialize get called?
jshanab_OSX 13:01 Where is the log on mac?
It works on machines that have a debugger installed and doesn't work on machines that don't Is there a Debug/Release set of runtime libraries issue like in windows?
jshanab_OSX 14:01 Windows plugin is statically linked to runtime, so I do not have an issue. Is Mac dynamically linked? I gotta check that.
taxilian 14:01 jshanab_OSX: yeah, most things on Mac are dynamically linked; as long as you build with the correct SDK you should be okay, though
jshanab_OSX: run to see things that are logged to the console on Mac; printf generally ends up there as well
jshanab_OSX 14:01 thanks
I can deploy a "debug" build though?