IRC Log Viewer » #firebreath » 2013-06-19

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diorcety 11:06 Hi
taxilian: have you a hint on the issue with IE.. with the object caching that i talk to you about 1 month ago?
taxilian 12:06 well, I do wonder if somehow it's firebreath's fault
but I don't know where or how exactly it would be
you'd have to dig into the activex code
diorcety 12:06 taxilian: looks like a internet explorer caching
on activex upgrade ... the dll is correctly unload
taxilian 12:06 right.. but I've done what you're trying to do with an activex control before
in IE8
yet nobody that I know of has managed it with firebreath
diorcety 12:06 but the dll is not reload ... and IE acts as if the plugin is loaded ... use old properties values...
taxilian 12:06 which makes me wonder if there is something different about our activex code that inadvertantly triggers the issue you're seeing
diorcety 12:06 or simply an IE bug ...
but how i can debug that ? is there a way to see alive com instance or something like that?
taxilian 12:06 not that I know of
I'm no expert, though
you'd just have to start cutting out features and see if it makes it work
diorcety 12:06 taxilian: i have look with process explorer
something is load an never unload