IRC Log Viewer » #firebreath » 2013-06-16

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gwallet 07:06 Hello
mm_ 11:06 hi
kylehuff 11:06 hello
mm_ 11:06 i want develop a project like calling product using this fb can u help me
AmmarEnas 13:06 hello
I am asking for the multi-threading capabilities of firebreath
is it native or running on virtual context ?
taxilian 20:06 people lately have had a remarkable knack for showing up when I'm not here
kylehuff 20:06 that seems to be going around. I have missed ~15 or so questions in another channel over the last week or so
taxilian 20:06 hehe
kylehuff 20:06 I've gotten a lot use out of the Later plugin for supybot, but I don't think they are going to return
taxilian 21:06 hehe
playing with HF on 40 meters
just talked to someone in IL
kylehuff 21:06 oh? thats cool
taxilian 21:06 was kinda fun. been getting a lot of activity on hamstudy
kylehuff 21:06 maybe it is in response to the NSA wiretapping... lol