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tonikitoo 11:06 guys: is there a way to "bind" an ArrayBuffer to firebreath?
taxilian 11:06 you can pass one in, I suspect, and it will be a JSObjectPTr
tonikitoo 11:06 taxilian, that is correct, I would agree.
But then, I was wondering how to in fact manipulate in the memory allocated by this buffer
pass its data down to native APIs, etc.
taxilian 11:06 nope
can't be done
there is unfortunately no good way to manipulate binary data between the plugin and browser
best I've found so far is to send it base64 encoded as a string
tonikitoo 11:06 I see
cshu 12:06 hi, taxilian, following tonikitoo's question, i have a Unt32Array binded to JSObjectPtr. however, the call to ptr->getJSAPI() returns 0. is ptr supposed to be a variantList instead of objectptr?
taxilian 12:06 no, it's a JSObjectPtr
and it's not a JSAPI, it's a JSObject
rather, there is no underlying JSAPI that isn't a jsobject
cshu 12:06 taxilian, thanks. how do i convert to the data structure i can read?
taxilian 12:06 one bit at a time
use Invoke and/or GetProperty to get data from it
cshu 12:06 taxilian, i see. many thanks!
megarameno 14:06 Hi there
I'm total newbie… I'm trying to figure out how to use firebreath to draw windowsless in linux with GTK
I have been searching for same clues for days now
I have sample code from the google npapi sdk
but I can figure out how would this work with firebreath...
can some good soul here give me some pointers?
taxilian 14:06 on the phone
but I have never done linux windowless, nor has anyone else here that I know of
megarameno 14:06 as I said I'm newbie but I have assumed that in google sample code [ sBrowserFuncs->getvalue(instance, NPNVSupportsWindowless, &browserSupportsWindowless); ] this part will find out if the browser supports it…
I guess I don't understand why, if browser supports it. Is GTK not as evolved as coreDraw on mac and GDI on windows?
the sample from google is drawing… but the content is all distorted… I assumed that it is windowless though
ok wasn't sure if the google sample code is windowsless so tested it just now ( and this pretty much qualify as windowless
taxilian 15:06 megarameno feel free to add windowless support for firebreath =]
on x11
nobody has
and I don't have a good enough reason to try
megarameno 15:06 I see… I'll let you definitively know what I have figured out… I think I'm making tiny progress… baby steps… that's how I roll :D
_elliott 16:06 Do I need to do anything special to use boost/asio? After including it: #include "boost/asio.hpp" I'm getting errors like: error C2039: 'InitializeCriticalSectionAndSpinCount' : is not a member of '`global namespace''
taxilian 16:06 well, is it a member of the global namespace?
oh, I see, it's a window api func
_elliott 16:06 Yes, the error points to win_mutex.ipp
taxilian 16:06 sometimes the order you incldue things in matters
with boost::asio often the include has to be first
good rule of thumb is *never* include boost asio stuff in a header file
only in a cpp file
_elliott 16:06 Thanks. I've moved it up in the order and I'll give that a shot first.
_elliott 16:06 taxilian: Why should you not include asio stuff in a header? I can't find any info about that out in the wild.
taxilian 16:06 because it tends to conflict with other stuff a lot
particularly in firebreath
when you include it in a header it becomes difficult to troubleshoot
_elliott 16:06 Ah ok. Well, I'm trying to setup a thread pool in my main plugin object for its other functions to use. Is there a way to do this without including it in the header?
taxilian 16:06 use the pimpl pattern