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EvilMonstah 08:01 Hi, I would like to ask a question, I plan on doing a school project that consists in streaming an user screen image(such as teamviewer), would it be possible to realize this project with a plugin?
jshanab_OSX 08:01 I think it would be possible but it would be different on each platform, Mac,Windows,Linux. Taking windows for example, Find teh Win32 command to get a screenshot then the plugin is connected to the server and sends the image. Be advised that if there are accelerated graphics, this would NOT read the buffer off the graphics card, for that you would have to do something more sophisticated.
Win32 api call. not "command"
EvilMonstah 08:01 Thanks for your answer and time.
magicken 08:01 Hello Dear taxillian!
I created a firebreath project for view live streaming from cameras: I can make "only" 43 plugin on Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari, while 92 with Firefox! I suspect a low virtual memory available, but why firefox do not the same??
43 plugins take 750mb of ram (working set)...
jshanab_OSX 08:01 I also have a plugin for security cameras and noticed that IE appears to limit memory, but in retrospect it was just heap fragmentation. I was asking for a large contiguous amout of memory
I have not been able to get that High a camera count. Congrats.
magicken 08:01 i reached 43 640x480 recorded images but i suppose it's the same from live cameras
I don't understand why Firefox do 92! It can allocate mooore memory!
jshanab do you resolved?
jshanab_OSX 08:01 I asked for smaller chunks of memory and I use a pool so I re-use the memory. What do you maen 640x480 recorded images? are these H264 segemnts being decoded?
What OS, XP/Win7/OSX/Linux? what bitness 32 or 64?
magicken 08:01 no sorry, 704x576 it's the resolution. I load, for test, a recorded movie (mpeg4)
Windows 7 64 bit with 4GB of RAM
jshanab_OSX 08:01 You must have a pretty good processor to decode 92 mpeg4 videos let alone 43!
magicken 08:01 i have a i5 quad core overclocked to 4.0 Ghz
jshanab_OSX 09:01 If you built your plugin as 32(most likely) bit it will run in the 64 bit OS and get a full 2G address space for the process. Running that plugin out of process gives you a heap of your own to pull from. That machine is less CPU than mine and you are decodeing more (what is Frames Per second?) What library are you using to decode it?
magicken 09:01 i use libvlc and the framerate is 17
what is your decoder library?
jshanab_OSX 09:01 libavcodec. I thought libvlc uses the same.
Looks like I have some profiling to do!
magicken 09:01 i use standard options
the recorded movie it's not "good", it is an old movie recorded from an axis camera
jshanab_OSX 09:01 I know Mpeg4 has less processing requirements than H264. Maybe it is more of a differnce than I thought
I am using axis,pelco,sercom,GVI, and more. here.
magicken 09:01 do you work in cctv area? With Internet Explorer?
jshanab_OSX 09:01 I write software for Security Cameras in a web managed platform. IE,Chrome,FireFox,Android,Iphone Live, archiving, playback
magicken 09:01 me too but only for IE due for various activex from vendors!!
so you use vlc activex??
before the firebreath?
jshanab_OSX 09:01 We had an IE only plugin when I was hired and it needed new features. I searched and found firebreath and never had to directly deal with active X again. Thank God
I just pulled the core of our app into a fresh firebreath generated project and had it running in less than a week.
The various active-X from each vendor is one reason we moved away from it. Some conflicted, always way to many to install. All different
magicken 09:01 I know well this problem!!!! I managed 5 different activex
so have you my same problem? A layout with more activex!
jshanab_OSX 09:01 Activex is like flash. Can't it just die, please
The only active-x in our product is teh wrapper automagically created by Firebreath. We use JQuery for UI
magicken 09:01 yes yes, I refer to live cameras.
1 activex for 1 camera, right?
jshanab_OSX 09:01 no, 1 plugin instance per camera, Firebreath gives the active X necessary to fit it into IE, I just call the javascript API. The exact same in FF,IE,CHrome
magicken 09:01 yes yes I mean the same
jshanab_OSX 09:01 Ok. got you. It is the nature of plugins to be attached to an embedded object in the page. Although I have considered createing a plugin for the page and allowing to add and remove camera streams from/to it. Let it manage one canvas
magicken 09:01 Sorry I don't understand: you draw into plugins or into html canvas??
jshanab_OSX 09:01 Firebreath gives me either a pointer to the window(windowed) or a ptr to the HDC(windowless) I use windowed and create an opengl window from the window pointer then stream my decoded video to a textured quad in opengl
taxilian 09:01 good morning
magicken 09:01 I do the same but whitout opengl
Hello Taxillian
Do You can help me and jshanab?
I created a firebreath project for view live streaming from cameras: I can make "only" 43 plugin on Internet Explorer, Chrome and Safari, while 92 with Firefox! I suspect a low virtual memory available, but why firefox do not the same??
taxilian 09:01 not a clue
I've never tried to use so many =]
something like that jshanab is likely to have a better idea than I
magicken 09:01 ok thank you taxilian ;-)
taxilian 09:01 glad to help :-P