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llardon 09:06 hello
someone has already try to use openSSL with firebreath ? because i have some problem with using library of openSSL
taxilian 09:06 lots of people have used openssl with firebreath
llardon 09:06 ok, because i always try to use blowfish (blowfish function directly or EVP_EncryptInit i have tried both) but when i compile i have linker problem and solution to sucess for compile is change my project properties and say i use static library but when i change this properties it's impossible to add the .dll created with regsvr32 command on windows
do you have some idee ? please?
taxilian 09:06 you can't just say "it's a static library now". you need to build openssl as a static library
llardon 09:06 hum. ok i will search with this information thank you
taxilian 09:06 here is how I did it
awhile back
wolfpack 10:06 hi @ taxilian
taxilian 10:06 you know, there are other people around who know stuff as well....
tonikitoo 14:06 taxilian, ping
taxilian 14:06 why me specifically?
tonikitoo 14:06 well, it does need to be you (/me takes it as a 'pong':)
I am facing a odd build error: whenever I include a header of mine (which btw is being included fine from other files of my), I get strange boost errors. Does it ring a bell?
does NOT need*
kalev 14:06 a syntax error in your header, perhaps? Like brace mismatch or something?
tonikitoo 14:06 kalev, as I mentioned, the same include is present in other headers, and things build fine.
if I include it (the "problematic" header) from a cpp file, it builds fine
kalev 14:06 ah ha, must be something else, then
a #define in your header that redefines some boost symbol?
tonikitoo 14:06 it looks like this
taxilian 15:06 tonikitoo sorry been busy this afternoon. looking at it
really have no idea
never seen the like
tonikitoo 16:06 taxilian, kalev FYI, I managed to build. trick was to add a #undef ceil within boost code
more specifically here:
FireBreath/src/3rdParty/boost/boost/chrono/ceil.hpp (branch 1.7)
right before the boost namespace declaration
taxilian 16:06 huh
sounds like an include order problem
tonikitoo 16:06 maybe MacOS has a already defined "ceil" macro?
and yes, given that the problem only appears when I include one of my headers
taxilian 16:06 try moving things around with what is included first
tonikitoo 16:06 k, will let you know
dast 21:06 good fibreath people, can you help me pls
i build wix installer with my fb plugin
but not working with IE :((((
i can't get it into IE's plugins list
msi installs the plugin dll into appData/Roaming directory
dast 21:06 do i have to make the cab?
dast 21:06 i have wix 3.7
taxilian 21:06 dast: IE doesn't list something as one of its plugins until after that plugin has loaded
try loading it