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llardon 01:06 hello, I have an error when i want to use openSSL library with FireBreath i want to use blowfish, i add openSSL in the PluginConfig.cmake of my project, "add_firebreath_library(openssl)" and when i open my project with VS express 2012 I see the header file of openSSL. But when I compile i get this error : " error LNK2019: external symbol unresolved _BF_set_key" someone can help me please ?
I try to use BF_set_key() function of blowfish
emp 05:06 hello
im made a new plugin with the firebreath tutorial and just trying to get a hello world example in GTK, I don't find allot of documentation GTK examples so I just tried with what I do know. I added VENTTYPE_CASE(FB::RefreshEvent, draw, FB::PluginWindow) and virtual bool draw(FB::RefreshEvent *evt, FB::PluginWindow*); to my header file and added this code to the draw function:
FB::PluginWindowX11 *wnd = dynamic_cast<FB::PluginWindowX11*>(win); GtkWidget* window = wnd->getWidget(); GtkWidget *button; button = gtk_button_new_with_label ("Hello World"); gtk_container_add (GTK_CONTAINER (window), button); gtk_widget_show (button);
I don't know if the code gets executed and I'm seeing no result. Can anyone get my on the right path?
sany 06:06 hi, i have a question ... can we have two same firebreath plugin in different <object> tag exist on the same page?
my page has more than one object tag with same plugin 'type' but different 'id', this plugin will display video, but seem like my plugin only draw into one of the object only
EBDev 11:06 So I still cant seem to get my web app to recognize the plugin. Taxilian suggested that it could be: 1) plugin incorrectly installed 2) plugin incorrectly built 3) meta-data in pluginconfig conflict with info.plist. I talked with our IT guys and they are confident its not 3. I've been installing the plugin the same way for a while and its always worked in the past, so I am confident its not 1. What steps should I go through to chec
taxilian 11:06 find the binary and run "file <binary>"
tell me the output
(the binary is in the .plugin/Contents/MacOS)
EBDev 11:06 Um, sorry, but not sure how I run "file <binary>"
and I cant seem to find a contents folder
taxilian 11:06 remember the other day when I told you where the actual binary is?
go there
in a terminal
say the binary is called "MyTestPlugin"
you'll have something like npMyTestPlugin.plugin/Contents/MacOS/MyTestPlugin
that is the actual binary
run the command "file MyTestPlugin"
EBDev 11:06 npEBMMGameChanger: Mach-O universal binary with 2 architectures npEBMMGameChanger (for architecture i386): Mach-O bundle i386 npEBMMGameChanger (for architecture x86_64): Mach-O 64-bit bundle x86_64
taxilian 11:06 hmm
that looks right
I don't know
and where is it located on the drive?
what browsers have you tried?
does it show up in about:plugins on firefox and chrome?
EBDev 11:06 it doesnt
taxilian 11:06 then it has to be either the plugin is installed wrong (in the wrong place) or the info.plist file is bad
those are the only two options that I know
EBDev 11:06 Ok. We'll look into those two options. Thanks!
EBDev 11:06 So I've been compiling the plugin from an SVN tag that used to work, but is no longer working. I never touched info.plist. As far as installation goes, Its just a matter of draggin the plugin into the library/Internet Plug-Ins folder
Also, we realized that the plugin we've been giving to the public has been a Debug version instead of release, but I don't believe that should make or break it
htroyack 12:06 i have succeded getting my plugin loaded in internet explorer 10 x86 and x64 ( enhanced protected mode ), but only having my DLL under programFiles/programFilesX86. I can NOT get it working if i have the DLL under LocalAppData ( i intend to support per user installation )
intenex explorer seems to simply ignore the ActiveX whith DLL under AppData
have someone experienced such problems. do I MUST store my DLL under ProgramFiles for x64 IE10?
taxilian 12:06 you may have to put the registry entries in the SysWOW64 section of the registry?
though I'd think it'd register there properly automatically
htroyack 12:06 i did both: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\CLSID AND HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Classes\Wow6432Node\CLSID :(
regsvr32 handled it for me btw
taxilian 12:06 no idea, then
htroyack 12:06 otherwise the enhanced protected mode doesnt loads me at all. in order to get IE EPM compatibility ( in x64 win ) I had to: get 32 AND 64 DLLs, properly Registered; list AppContainer as Implemented Categories; and be ready to a very restrictive environment, with access denied to many paths ( i still don`t feel need for an elevated broker process )
chardy 12:06 @htroyack - you there still?
htroyack 12:06 hello chardy :D
chardy 12:06 I was able to resolve the problem you're experiencing yesterday by adding the "All Application packages" group to the file's security permissions
something to do with the AppContainer permissions I think
You're on windows 8?
htroyack 12:06 yes, 8
thanks a lot chardy I`ll give it a try
chardy 12:06 no problem
htroyack 13:06 It worked here for me too chardy. was of great help. thanks again! ;)
taxilian 13:06 if someone could add some info on that to the website that'd be awesome
htroyack 14:06 taxilian: I have sumarized some information I found useful here, in case you think it`s worth posting to the site
taxilian 14:06 please feel free to just put it on the website where you think makes the most sense
the website is a wiki
htroyack 14:06 added to FAQ / Tips & Tricks under
taxilian 14:06 awesome, thanks
htroyack 14:06 ;)
EBDev 15:06 So I finally got the plugin to get recognized by chrome, but not 100% working yet. When the web app initializes, the console throws up an error: Uncaught Error: Error calling method on NPObject.
Any idaes?
taxilian 15:06 EBDev that means there was an exception of some kind that the plugin threw
but chrome helpfully discards the message for you
suggestion? yes. debug
EBDev 16:06 ahh! Got it working for OS X. Thanks Taxilian! I'll call it a week with this success. Next week is Windows ;)