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llardon 08:06 hello, I have a probleme with firebreath. when i want to use OpenSSL library, I had it into the PluginConfig.cmake of my project, but when I compile my project with Visual studio i got an error, about ${OPENSSL_INCLUDE_DIR} and ${OPENSSL_LIBRARIES}. Can you help me please?
taxilian 08:06 what is the specific error?
llardon 08:06 tthe compile error is about BF_set_key() (blowfish function) but is when I annalyse the output VS tell me that this two variables are unknown. i don't have the original message
cshu_ 09:06 taxilian, hello
taxilian 09:06 hello
cshu_ 09:06 taxilian, a quick question. how do i define an API function that has an object-type parameter?
taxilian 09:06 as explained on the website (look up interacting with javascript) you can use FB::JSObjectPtr
cshu_ 09:06 taxilian, ok, let me take a look first, thx
taxilian 09:06 I'll be back in a bit
cshu_ 09:06 taxilian_away, there?
llardon 09:06 it's me again :) i have more information now the library is detected, but when I trie to call my blowfish function I got this error "error LNK2019: symbole externe non résolu _BF_set_key "
jshanab 10:06 Anyone out there a MAC user? I have a plugin i am trying to get work on Mac that works on windows. it works on my development mac but I cannot figure out why it does not work on a non development mac. I tried dtruss but the output to me is inconclusive. I need some hints.
taxilian 10:06 I use mac
but I don't have any non-development macs
chardy 10:06 I'm trying to figure out EPM support for IE10 and 11. First problem seems to be getting both 32bit and 64bit versions of the plugin registered at the same time. After I register the 64bit version, the 32bit version stops working in Chrome/Firefox. Any tips?
taxilian 10:06 nope, never tried
pixelhead 11:06 just wanted to pass along some info i found. my plugin was not working for windows xp when being build on windows 7 using vs2012 express. building on win7 using vs2010 express solved the problem. also, in order to have vs2012 and vs2010 installed side by side, one needs to install vs2010 sp1. hope this helps.
taxilian 11:06 good to know
would be interesting to know why the vs2012 stuff deosn't work on xp… possibly the CRT isn't compatible? interesting
pixelhead 11:06 the npPlugin.dll were actually different sizes.
taxilian 11:06 well, they would be; they'll be using a different CRT
that's probably the only thing that should be different
it's possible that vs2012 actually can't target xp, I don't know
pixelhead 11:06 yes, i believe vs2012 express doesn't even run on xp
taxilian 11:06 running on and targetting aren't always the same thing, but it's possible
quite possible, I'd say