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Billy_ 00:06 hi all
i am new to this IRC and am exploring firebreath
Rajendra 00:06 hi
Billy_ 00:06 can you guys guide me towards right path i have some project flow in mind
Rajendra 00:06 needed some help on firebreath integration with v8
can someone guide me towards right path
Billy_ 00:06 is firebreath capable of supporting a plugin to make screencasts
Bor0 03:06 how can I add linker flags through cmake? this doesn't seem to add the flag that I want (OPT:NOREF) SET (CMAKE_EXE_LINKER_FLAGS "${CMAKE_EXE_LINKER_FLAGS} /SAFESEH:NO /OPT:NOREF")
umen 07:06 hello , can i excute win32 api from NPAPI plugin ? in this case from firebreath?,
taxilian 08:06 Bor0 you set the linker flags with set_target_properties(<target name> PROPERTIES LINK_FLAGS "flag1 flag2 flag3")
JohnS_ 11:06 I am working on a video streaming plugin on Win7. When I exit the browser, the browser hangs and I get a message "Plugin Container for Firefox has stopped working". Can any one give some guidance on trouble shooting the issue please.
taxilian 11:06 sounds like your plugin hung
attach a debugger and see where
JohnS_ 11:06 @taxilian: thanks. will follow the notes on
taxilian 11:06 good plan =] and thanks for reading the docs instead of just asking questions that you could have found your own answers to
jshanab 13:06 I have a working plugin on MAC on my developmenet machine and on a friends development machine. I made an installer and it seems to work but on other peoples machine it refuses to load. I think there is some so missing in my packaging but I need a fresh MAC to run dtruss on. Any other way to check installer?
taxilian 14:06 jshanab: no idea
diorcety 17:06 jshanab: check dependencies and "-mmacosx-version-min"
TommyTrojan 19:06 ho taxilian
taxilian 19:06 hello
btw, everyone who wants to randomly support my side project that has nothing to do with FireBreath, you should totally go "like" this page on facebook:
TommyTrojan 19:06 cool
i've been working on firebreath for over a week now and I must thank you for this awesome plugin!
taxilian 19:06 glad it's been helpful!