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Vovan 00:06 Hi!
How can I handle chrome.extension.sendRequest with FireBreath?
mohit_ 06:06 Hi there! I was hoping I could get an answer for the following:
How to call up a method inside my struct written in c++/CLI from pluginAPI.cpp...
The reason I'm asking this is I'm getting these errors...:::1. error LNK1120: 1 unresolved externals and 2.error LNK2019:" unresolved external symbol " while building the plugin dll.
EBDev 08:06 How do I check to see if the binary is "actually there"?
taxilian 09:06 EBDev: look inside the .plugin bundle; a bundle is just a directory with a specific structure
inside the <PluginName>.plugin/Contents/MacOS/ directory there should be a <PluginName> binary
EBDev 10:06 So I believe the binary is there after checking the package contents. For some reason, when compiling, XCode adds an "np" in front of the plugin name which might be throwing off the web app's ability to find it. Testing that out now
taxilian 10:06 the web app isn't accessing it by anme
it's accessing it by mimetype
did you build in 32 bit?
EBDev 10:06 yea, built in 32 bit
taxilian 10:06 does it show up in about:plugins?
EBDev 10:06 What do you mean?
taxilian 11:06 in chrome or firefox, type about:plugins
it lists all installed plugins
is yours listed?
EBDev 11:06 Ohh... It isn't
taxilian 11:06 okay, so how did you install it?
EBDev 11:06 just compiled the plugin and dragged it into the internet plugins folder. cleared cookies/cache and restarted chrome
taxilian 11:06 dragged the .plugin/ bundle inot your internet plugins folder?
EBDev 11:06 yessir
taxilian 11:06 what is this 3.65 that you keep sending?
EBDev 11:06 sorry! Been working in Eagle making a part
taxilian 11:06 is it your ~/Library/Internet Plugins or the /Library/Internet Plugins?
EBDev 11:06 Not sure, thats a question for the IT guys and they are in a meeting. I am sort of acting as a middle man in this
taxilian 11:06 well, it's going to be one of three things
1) the plugin isn't installed correctly
2) the plugin isn't build correctly
3) The meta-data in the pluginconfig file conflicted in some way with the info.plist file format and so the browsers aren't detecting it correctly
if 3, there may be useful information in the Console app
htroyack 14:06 My ActiveX implements a COM Component Category. I must say so, and I guess it goes in a RGS or IDL file according to ...But I cant figure out where, or how.
htroyack 14:06 taxilian: it seems IE will not load my plugin with Enhaced Protected Mode unless I add CATID_AppContainerCompatible to Implemented Categories. but how is the correct way to do it?
taxilian 14:06 enhanced protected mode, huh? Never even heard of that
you can copy the .rgs file from gen_templates/ into your plugin directory
and then make tweaks to it and they will be used
rerun the prep script any time you change it
htroyack 15:06 thanks taxilian
chardy 23:06 Has anyone had any luck getting FB working with Enhanced Protected Mode in IE?
taxilian 23:06 not that I've heard of. I actually haven't had a reason to try as of yet
but I'm for bed now. good luck