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yecril 09:06 The file firebreath-dev/src/ScriptingCore/MethodConverter.h says:
#define _FB_MW_TPL(z, n, data) typename T##n
The symbol _FB_MW_TPL is reserved; it belongs to the compiler's namespace.
How can I create an issue against firebreath-dev?
The Create Issue dialog does not support such an option.
yecril 09:06 Issue FIREBREATH-232 - The symbol _FB_MW_TPL is reserved has been successfully created.
yecril 09:06 It seems that FB needs 256MB to compile (tested via prlimit)
cc1plus: out of memory allocating 20488 bytes after a total of 4382720 bytes
That seems much less than 256MB allowed
taxilian 10:06 yecril: I've never seen these issues; what are you using to build?
krishna 11:06 taxilian_away, do you know of any xpi bundle containing a npapi plugin? i want to see its contents so that i can bundle my npapi plugin similarly