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taxilian 10:01 what do all of y'all think? Should I renew,, and or let them expire?
johannes 10:01 how many hits dou get via them? for how much could those be sold? how many seconds do you have to work to pay for the? ... :-)
taxilian 10:01 probably can't sell them
not sure how many hits; I mostly just use as a shortcut domain
i.e. ....
they are kinda just fun domains to own, though :-P
jshanab_OSX 10:01 Do you actually know how many hits from there lead people to firebreath? what with google search engines and all.
taxilian 10:01 nope
jshanab_OSX 10:01 I found out that 6 months after I moved out if I searched in google for my name that the number of EV related hits had gone down. I took my web server off line and the number of times google hit my server had drops so my stats dropped. It was interesting to see that
EV is Electric Vehicles :-)
taxilian 10:01 lol
my accomplishment for the week is I installed the desk that my new coworker will be using:
the fun part of that is that it started out 3/4" too long…
I had to cut it down
jshanab_OSX 10:01 I can empathize. My office/electronics lab had to go in a much narrower room thatn in CA. I am trying to get it to work. I am rearranging heavy wood desks by myself tonight, somehow
3/4" about 2 thicknesses of sheetrock? he he
taxilian 10:01 lol. yeah, that thought did occur to me, but I wasn't sure I wanted to either cut a gouge in the sheetrock or remove the panels just to put a desk in...
fortunately my neighbor has a tablesaw and a router
if I had the right color paint you wouldn't even know I'd done anything
it worked really well
that wall has 6 ethernet drops… =]
jshanab_OSX 10:01 I didn't until you told me. Almost to bad there wasn't a straight to the right hand wall end. Nice And Speakers I see!
taxilian 10:01 yeah. I couldn't believe I found a desk that so closely fit that wall, though
it's a gallant from Ikea, so it's actually a desk wtih a few extensions, but still
getting within 1/2" (we took a little more off so after finishing it'll still fit) of a randomly sized wall is pretty impressive with stock stuff
jshanab_OSX 10:01 I might have to consider new desks now that monitors are not so deep, just to fit into my long narrow room. (I pass an IKea on the way home every day. (hate that store)
taxilian 10:01 lol. why do you hate it?
jshanab_OSX 10:01 They force you thru in a convoluted path. Gotta learn the shortcuts to get out of it. And I gain a pund just on the smell of cinnimon rolls when I walk in!
taxilian 10:01 lol
jshanab_OSX 11:01 Our Ikea is at least twice the size of a costco
taxilian 11:01 lol. I think ours is as well
it's about the same square footage, except it's two floors
well, no, that's not true; I think it's at least half again as much square footage
_br_ 15:01 Hi guys... sorry I'm a bit confused about firebreath. Simple question, can I create right-click menu items with it? e.g. right click on image will show "xxx task" entry. Which will call a cloud service with the specific url of that image?
taxilian 15:01 nope
you can't do that with a plugin
_br_ 15:01 taxilian: I see... thank you for the quick response
jshanab_OSX 15:01 A plugin is attached to a mime-type you specify
taxilian 15:01 bbl. getting lunch