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danzik17 11:10 beyond the things listed on, are there are tricks when updating a plugin on windows via WiX? we're seeing that for some ( but not all ) users, the browsers no longer pick up the plugin
reinstalling with the same .msi or manually running regsvr32 ( bad ) fixes it, so it seems like its an installer thing
taxilian 12:10 hmm
which browsers?
danzik17 12:10 we've seen it primarily in chrome right now, but i've also heard it happening in FF and ( less frequently ) IE
so it seems like its primarily the NPAPI browsers
taxilian 12:10 hmm. I really don't know; that's odd
what I'd do is see if you can repro
and when you do, check the registry keys manually
danzik17 12:10 can't repro it, but i'll compare the regkeys of my own install vs a broken setup next time we get a report
so of course i'm noticing this now after asking for help, but out of curiosity, what's the effect of this line in PluginConfig.cmake? set (FB_ATLREG_MACHINEWIDE 1)
i just noticed that it's commented out, however i am doing a per-machine install
taxilian 12:10 then you probably arne't really doing a per-machine install
because without that unless you've changed quite a bit some of the registry keys will install to HKEY_CURRENT_USER
check in your generated .wxs file; changes are good some of the keys are targetting HKCU
danzik17 12:10 i've manually changed some of that stuff to point to HKLM, but i guess that begs another question now - is the .wxs file considered another generated file that shouldn't be touched?
taxilian 12:10 you know there are two .wxs files, right?
one that is in your project
and one that is named <pluginname>.wxs
the latter one is regenerated each time you build the installer; it's created off of the DLL
the first one is yours, you can do whatever you want with it, just be aware that the main one is a template that is processed each time you run the prep script
danzik17 12:10 the one that i'm editing is "projects/plugin/Win/Wix/plugin.wxs"
since that's outside of the stuff generated from the prep script, i assumed that one was the safe one to edit
taxilian 12:10 uh, yeah
that's not the one where the problem is
and it's safe
that's entirely yours
there is another one
danzik17 12:10 the one that's in the WixInstall project right? ( not touching that one )
taxilian 12:10 there are two in the WixInstall project
and one of them is generated not at all from your template file, but from the DLL
and that's the one that provides the registry keys for registering your DLL
that's the one that will have HKCU entries in it
that could easily be causing weird issues; possibly like the ones you're describing
danzik17 12:10 ok now that you've pointed that out i think im starting to understand
its definitely pointing to HKCU for some of the entries
taxilian 12:10 not a good idea to mix those...
danzik17 12:10 yea it wasn't intentional at all =P
rebuilding didn't seem to change it ( was still HKCU after uncommenting that line ) - deleting and re-generating my build folder to see if that does anything
taxilian 12:10 that might be needed
when you say "rebuilding"… you did rerun the prep script first, right?
danzik17 12:10 yep
taxilian 12:10 just checking =]
danzik17 12:10 i think i might understand what's happening ( as its rebuilding )
when we manually run the msi, regkeys are put into your current HKCU and everything is happy which is why it seems to work
when our corporate updates are pushed out, i think they're run in the admin context
ill bet if i look at HKCU on a broken machine, i'll see those regkeys under the admin acct
and old invalid regkeys on the current users tree
that generated .wxs file is still pointing at HKCU for the root of some of these regkeys after re-generating and rebuilding :(
ocholetras 13:10 hi!
I have some issues with firefox opening the camera options dialog
plugin freezes, i cant interact with the camera options dialog
and after a few seconds
plugin crashes
Chrome and Explorer works like a charm
hi ^^
taxilian 13:10 hello
camera options dialog?
ocholetras 13:10 Yep
Wher you set the Hz, brightness and stuff
taxilian 13:10 I haven't a clue what you're talking about
ocholetras 13:10 Umm
I choose the device
and then i want to adjust the properties of the camera
taxilian 13:10 so this isn'ta nythign even remotely related to plugins
ocholetras 13:10 i create de dialog with OleCreatePropertyFrame
i occurs inside my firebreath plugin
im working on a dshow capture plugin
and before start capturing...
taxilian 13:10 my first guess, though, is that you're calling something that is modal
so it doesn't return
and thus blocks the main thread
you can't block the main thread
fix that, you'll probably be fine
now I'm on a call, brb
ocholetras 13:10 yea, im reading this on a group msg
The thing is that it actually works on a friends computer
its a madness ha ha
but you re rihgt
will try to fix that!
danzik17 13:10 taxilian: when you're back, what actually generates the npPlugin_auto.wxs file? is that FB or wix? trying to figure out what i need dig into/read docs on to see why some of those regkeys are still being at as HKCU
ElliottD 14:10 Hello all, I'd like one of my plugin functions to be able to accept a JS Array of JS Objects that contain primitive data (only strings and numbers). Can I have it accept a vector of maps of string, variant ? Is there a better way to handle that?
taxilian 14:10 ElliottD: if ti's a really complex object you may be better off just accepting a JSObject and querying it directly
otherwise it'll have to copy all of the data into the type you specify
however you can have it accept the vector as you describe
danzik17: that is generated by a post-build step added by cmake that runs Wix's tool "heat.exe"
danzik17: are you on the latest version?
firebreath uses an xslt stylesheet to convert the HKCU to HKLM when needed
but it's passed to heat
danzik17 15:10 taxilian: im running 1.6(stable) atm
taxilian 15:10 it's possible that 1.6 doesn't have that
i.e. the fix for HKCU may have been after that version
I recommend updating to 1.7
danzik17 15:10 for some reason it keeps freezing when it attempts to extract boost.tar.gz - doesn't happen on the 1.6 build